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Committed Partners |

Strategic Solutions


Comprehensive Legal Expertise

For each areas of practice that RDJLaw provides, our lawyers are equipped with extensive experience to advise our client from all angles, giving clients the full assurance and convenience, resolving matters quick and effective with little disruption to the business.

Committed Commercial Approach

Our lawyers have the breadth of experience in both legal and commercial arena.


Clients can benefit from our all rounded advisory approach, to achieve the best legal solutions.


We value our clients’ concerns and we listen and advice accordingly, we thrive on innovation flexibility and multi faceted options to clients, allowing them to appreciate the insights that our broad experience brings.

Cost Control

The firm believes in cost efficiency for our clients, and has a responsibility to help clients manage their legal budget.


Sensitivity of pricing is something we hold close to our heart and we offer a number of options including blended rates to ensure that our clients have the best options available to them.


The firm will work out an agreed detailed scope of work, timeline and fee budget prior to commencement of any work.  

Committed partners delivering strategic solutions to all your legal needs are the key pillars in terms of practice and promise of Ramesh Dipendra Jeremiah Law.

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